Netizens got quite upset they couldn’t harass AOA with Ahn Jung Geun on V app


The witch hunt will never end, of course, so now AOA and FNC Entertainment are being attacked for banning the word Ahn Jung Geun on their stream yesterday.

Rather than come to the logical conclusion that they wanted to avoid harassment from transparent trolls, people concern trolled as if AOA were banning the word from usage throughout the country and humiliating Ahn Jung Geun.

1. [+2,178, -60] “There were only two times when Ahn Joong Geun’s name was banned and that was during the Japanese colonial era and yesterday (on AOA’s stream)” This really hits home for me
2. [+1,754, -54] Another disrespectful act by them, banning Ahn Joong Geun’s name from a showcase chat meant for communication with their fans
3. [+1,611, -101] Nevermind Jimin and Seolhyun… both AOA and FNC, farewell. This is it for you.
4. [+176, -11] Wow, they banned his name from their chat? I haven’t said anything about this scandal all this time and just passed it by but really? We are no longer in Japanese colonial times, how dare they not let people speak of Ahn Joong Geun’s name? This isn’t just an issue of ignorance anymore but disrespect…
5. [+151, -7] This honestly is a severe issue, the fact that they banned his name… they deserve to be exiled from the industry.

I honestly don’t understand how people are so stupid.

There’s a gigantic gulf between government censorship by a colonizing overseer and not being able to say a word (any word) on V app because a privately-owned company doesn’t want you to.

It’s like if I banned ‘George Washington‘ from use on Asian Junkie or something … well too fucking bad. Is the United States government, that’s now been taken over by an invading Canadian force, banning his name? No? Then it’s not comparable like at all.

I thought this was transparent enough bullshit that Netizen Buzz users would be able to see through it, but of course not. Cause why would they, really?

But hey, yeah, it’s AOA who are insulting Ahn Jung Geun, not the people trying to use his name to harass celebs on a streaming video application. Logic.



To give you an idea of how far gone some people are, here’s a person arguing that international netizens need to be more educated and understanding on this Korean topic while trying to convince people that a 100,000 won bill exists and that Ahn Jung Geun is on it.



Google exists. Quite easy to use.


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