YGE says they’re going to debut that girl group they said they would debut in 2012


YG Entertainment is once again gearing up their young, impressionable fans for the new girl group that they’ve been promising they would debut since 2012, and it’s anticipation that will likely only result in a whirlwind of disappointment. To be fair to YGE, I can’t think of a better lesson to prepare you for life.

On May 18, a YG representative told OSEN, “We checked with Yang Hyun Suk. The new girl group is scheduled to debut in July and are currently in the final preparations.” They added, “The member lineup was decided a long time ago. The fact that Yang Hyun Suk is preparing the music video means that their debut song has already been recorded. But the specific date in July has not been revealed yet.”

Unlike in the past, though, YG has said that he’s focusing on the visuals.

In an interview with OSEN last year, Yang Hyun Suk said, “I’m planning to make a girl group focused on members whose beauty will exceed the public’s expectations.” Many people were interested in the statement as YG Entertainment has a reputation for favoring talent and unique looks over traditional standards of beauty.

Does anybody actually believe this will happen until teasers start actually being released? No? Good, that’s the correct reaction.


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