Jessica’s “Love Me The Same” is a test to see how loyal her fans are


While I found “Fly” to be pleasant and promising, if not safe, Jessica‘s “Love Me The Same” was unfortunately basically exactly the type of boring song I was expecting.

(Update: They changed the audio on the music video twice now, so now you can disregard all the stuff about it sounding like an absolute mess, but I still think it’s sorta boring.)

The instrumental starts off decent enough, but it never seems to get off the mat in terms of tempo and it slowly devolves into a mess. The vocal performance sees Jessica straying from her zone and going into constant high-pitched mode again, which is not all that pleasant on multiple listens.

Honestly, I can’t tell if my ears are just untrained or if the mixing and layering on this is an absolute disaster. To me, it sounds like things are out of sync and completely bleeding over into each other, especially during the bridge, which makes “Love Me The Same” seem more messy than the clean feel I think it’s supposed to give off.


As far as the music video goes, well, I mean Jessica looked pretty.


And she reads an important book on how to make a cactus grow.


Then she show a depiction of the love life of hating-ass netizens.



Anyway, all in all, I’m convinced this was a test to see how dedicated her fans actually are. After all, if they can pretend this was awesome, it’ll show they’ll support just about anything.

I mean, even Jessica has to take a nap halfway through the music video just so she can make it to the end.



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