Tomita Mayu’s attacker says stabbing was due to “vague answers” about presents


Tomita Mayu‘s attacker, recently told police that he “lost control” due to Mayu’s “vague answers” about her returning his presents. The attacker also admits that this was pre-meditated and that he intended to kill her.

In a statement to police, Tomohiro Iwazaki, the man who confessed to stabbing 20 year old Mayu Tomita said, “I sent her presents, but I felt indignant when they were returned. I asked her on the spot what the problem was, but when she gave me vague answers I lost control and stabbed her countless times.” According to police, the culprit Iwazaki also said he “intended to kill her” and that he “had prepared the knife beforehand” in his plan to kill her.

Reports still have her in critical condition, and though I’m no doctor, it doesn’t seem like the best sign that she hasn’t been conscious at any point during her stay in the hospital.

Over what? Returned presents? The fuck?


This is basically the worst-case scenario in terms of the end result of gross fan entitlement that fans (even relatively rational ones) express on an almost daily basis.

When the stakes are less severe than this, people always bring up how the companies sell these images to fans so they bear responsibility as well. That’s not untrue to an extent, but it also doesn’t absolve fandoms of being delusional and/or violent scumbags is all.


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