Tiffany drops “I Just Wanna Dance” EDM remix that’s also an English version


After a preview of the remixed English version of Tiffany‘s “I Just Wanna Dance” was posted on SoundCloud by SM Entertainment‘s ScreaM Records, I said it sounded great. And while it was indeed an improvement over the original, it wasn’t as vast as I originally thought.

I maintain that Kago Pengchi made “I Just Wanna Dance” a better offering with this remix, as the more upbeat rhythm fits both the song’s concept and sound better than the rather safe original. However, I was also quite disappointed that for all the successes with the hook (what the preview highlighted), the instrumental has spurts that are unnecessarily and stereotypically noisy additions (“I have to be extra with this shit to validate the remix!”).

While it’s probably still only one step above being played in Forever 21 or some shit, at least I can groove to this version.


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