Sawori dishes on her debut in revealing interview, debuts new moves on ‘Inkigayo’


Sawori, the new center of girl group April, is the best thing DSP Media has done since … like forming KARA, probably. And so naturally they need to take advantage of that and they’re currently doing the smart thing by letting the hot new issue speak out to the fans in the form of an interview.

The highlights of said interview are amazing.


Fuck, Sawori is stuck in a slave contract.

That explains why Sawori was working yet again recently, this time killing shit on ‘Inkigayo‘.

Sawori gets a fucking fan ovation now.



What a goddamn blessing.


While Sawori still has the spasm dance going…

…there’s also a new twisting dance that looks sorta like headbanging…

…then there’s a frustration dance…

…and everything concludes with mocking death.


People think I’m fucking around, but I would trade basically everything in K-pop to have a mascot group if they all were as glorious as Sawori in some way.

I’m waiting for this to get old, but every fucking time I open a Sawori performance I end up actually laughing out loud. I’m watching this fucking shit at like midnight and I’m goddamn exhausted yet I’m literally crying at this.


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