Tiffany aims to free humanity with her live & trot versions of “I Just Wanna Dance”


Tiffany, the saint, the martyr, and a true hero of resolving oppression, is now on to bigger and better things. Through her protest against no lip-sync oppression, she has won over many hearts, and now she’s well on her way to becoming the most influential soloist in the universe. It’s a remarkable rise.

Let’s have a look at the performance of “I Just Wanna Dance” that changed the world and put an end to our human conflicts.

So brave.

While she may hear you peons mocking her inability to stay in tune, she continues fighting the good fight, finding comfort in the fact that people are simply unable to see the bigger picture of her transformation into a political icon.

Singing the way the establishment wants represents censorship, whereas Tiffany’s way represents freedom and choice in a world where both are becoming more and more scarce. She just wants to dance, you see.

Nothing embodies that attitude more than her trot version of “I Just Wanna Dance” on ‘Kiss The Radio‘.

You will never hear an actual trot singer sound like that because they simply are sheeple conformists. Period. It disgusts to see them garnering so much praise for their basic works.


Tiffany has consistently broken the bonds of oppression whenever she’s allowed a live stage, showing everybody how she’s being held back behind the scenes by SM Entertainment producers and likely hundreds of other bigwigs who force her to sound a certain way on official releases.

It’s disgusting, and we need to support her by trending #TiffanyGate on social media, a medium where we all know true difference is made.

Thank you, and godspeed.


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