Video/pictures of Super Junior’s Kangin’s DUI hit-and-run accident released


CCTV footage of Super Junior‘s Kangin‘s car as he ran over a light post and subsequently fled the scene was recently released. Unsurprisingly, the video and pictures of the event don’t do him a lot of favors.

The May 24 broadcast of MBN News8 covered the DUI incident, showing footage from a closed-circuit security camera. In the footage, a vehicle can be seen stopped against a light post in the reflection of a nearby shop building, before the vehicle drives off. JTBC also covered the story, showing separate footage that shows Kangin going into a shop and purchasing alcohol.

While the video doesn’t actually catch the accident clearly, what is clear is that he hit that light post decently hard.



If that had been a human, uh, that would’ve ended badly.

Seeing that light post makes his claim of knowing he hit something but not knowing exactly what he hit scarier. Either Kangin is lying in that statement, he was so drunk that he had no idea what happened and couldn’t physically determine what he hit, or he just didn’t care what he hit and drove off to save his own ass.

Yet, somehow, someway, this is just gonna end in a fine, right? After all, Kangin is now “deeply reflecting”.


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