EXID made a joke about Hyerin & Junghwa’s chewing noises into a song on ‘Street’

Backstage a while back, LE created a unit group of Junghwa and Hyerin that revolved around the duo’s loud mastication sound of “JEOP JEOP JEOP”. It was meant to be a joke that made fun of their eating habits, but now it’s transcended just being funny.


Because EXID released their album highlight melody the other day, and the ninth track on ‘Street‘ has the duo actually making a goddamn song of it.

All things considered, this was a terrible decision. I know their title track is on there, but I don’t even care anymore. The only thing I can give a fuck about now is “Nyam Nyam Jjop Jjop” and how every club in Korea is gonna be bumping a song about chewing noises now.

I’m considering not even reviewing their title track and just reviewing “Nyam Nyam Jjop Jjop” and give it a 11/10.


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