So Chinese rappers are now dissing Tao and calling him a snitch, apparently

As some of you have been mentioning ever since it was released, Tao recently released a rap track called “Underground King“. I thought it was pretty whatever, so I moved on without writing about it. Well, apparently that wasn’t nearly enough for this one dude (not sure what name he goes by), who was so pissed at Tao’s bragging and lack of skills that he’s been calling for diss tracks on Tao, been publicizing said diss tracks as they’ve come in, and has been calling Tao all kinds of names, including a snitch.

I understand the general sentiment expressed from the perspective that he doesn’t like Tao bragging about being an ‘underground king’ when he’s new on the scene, that Tao is an idol trying to get into hip-hop, and that he just doesn’t respect Tao’s skills. Those are all fine things to go after him for in terms of a diss track, and I’d love to see Tao come back if he can.

That said, holy fuck this rant was annoying to listen to, and the thug/gangsta persona is sorta amusing in the context of the rant. Unless all these guys are out there knifing motherfuckers, the criticism of Tao’s persona rings sorta hollow, no?

Anyway, here are the two diss tracks.

Discuss this potential mess and/or just a group of nobodies trying to ride Tao’s name.


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