iKON’s “WYD” is a basic coffee-house rap track, and I had to review it anyway


Before I went to bed yesterday, after being up for like 28 hours straight, I was already getting mad-ass e-mails from people about not reviewing this and that. Within those e-mails were iKON stans saying I was clearly Satan if I didn’t review their new release “WYD“.

1) Fuck you.

2) Fine already.

I’m sorry you all had to wait like a whole day for me to review this dime-a-dozen basic-ass hip-hop/coffee-house vocals combo that is released in some fashion in Korea weekly to minimal fanfare. This is like the equivalent of adding rap to that YoonA solo track, where if it wasn’t iKON, nobody would have to pretend to care. If this track was all a plan to get me to appreciate iKON’s sweg sweg sweg efforts more because at least those have entertainment value, then they’ve succeeded.

Seriously though, unlike some of the other efforts, there’s nothing to fault iKON for here. Their looks are fine, the music video is plain but inoffensive, and their vocals/rapping was solid. It’s just that it would take a herculean effort to get me into this instrumental that bores me to tears.


Hope that review will please all of you who wish to torture me.


Thot Leaderâ„¢