YG now says 2NE1’s future is unclear and he’s debating whether to add a member


YG said that the future of 2NE1 is unclear as of now because he’s still debating whether to continue the group as a trio or add a new member, according to an exclusive interview given to Xports News.

When asked about 2NE1, Yang said that the future of the band was yet unclear. “Whether they will continue as a trio or get a new member, we are thinking and nothing is set in stone.”

This, of course, comes less than two months after he said not to worry about Minzy leaving because 2NE1 would be coming back this summer and there would be no new member.

YGE stated, “The remaining three members have re-signed, and they’re preparing for a new song release for this summer as 2NE1. We are not looking for an additional member to replace Minzy.”

I’m giddy just thinking of the clusterfuck that would go down if he decided to add a member that was disliked. Like just get it over with and add Clara, Jessica, or Yoo In Na, right? But that would assume 2NE1 is actually ever coming back to begin with, which YG says will happen but nobody should ever believe what he says anyway.


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