‘God Of Music’ has Jiyoon rap lessons, Kyungri going ape shit, Sohee ending I.O.I

3 - KyungriYouFucker

I finally found the time to watch and appreciate the third episode of ‘God Of Music‘. For those asking if I had forgot about the show or stopped watching it … are you fucking serious? No, I was simply too busy with work and writing about shitty fucking K-pop releases that distracted me from what should be my actual priority: watching this show.


We start off with a rap lesson for legendary group CIVA

…in which Lee Sang Min declares LT Entertainment (LTE) above all others…


…and Sohee declares I.O.I finished.

3 - SoheeIOIFinished

I’m not the only one who thinks Sohee’s sighs and deadpan recalls Chiyo from ‘Azumanga Daioh‘, right?


Anyway, the company goes on picnic, where Kyungri proceeds to murder souls.

She was gold basically the entire episode.

3 - KyungriWageStealer1

3 - KyungriWageStealer2

3 - KyungriMoney1

3 - KyungriMoney2

The company also decided they needed a chef, which worked out about as well as expected.

They also brought back a hip-hop unit, which brought up MC Hammer, which brought down Lee Sang Min’s ego.

3 - MCHammer1

3 - MCHammer2

3 - MCHammer3

This show is the best.

3 - PresidentThreats1

3 - PresidentThreats2


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