Kim Hyun Joong could’ve been greater than Song Joong Ki, apparently


Did you think the Kim Hyun Joong mess was over? Oh no, not by a long shot. After Kim Hyun Joong finally took responsibility for his kid after basically all of science told him to, now we’re talking about his lawsuit against his ex for damages because she ruined his career.

Mr. Yang claimed, “They say Hallyu star Song Joong Ki achieved a financial gain in the trillions of won, and if it hadn’t been for ‘A’s’ disclosure (referring to Ms. Choi), there was potential for Kim Hyun Joong to have achieved more than that.”

The rest of the case is basically he-said, she-said stuff in regards to an alleged miscarriage that Kim Hyun Joong caused with an assault (this one is genuinely more up for dispute than the other Kim Hyun Joong cases), but the claim that this specific allegation is what damaged his career beyond repair and not his own actions is rather comical. And that’s aside from the fact that his people think he could’ve been Song Joong Ki to begin with.

I know his lawyers are likely just trying to save him whatever money they can, but by god the overall lack of responsibility for his own actions is just amazing in its tone deafness.


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