Euaerin & Minha leave Nine Muses because there is no God


Nine Muses members Euaerin and Minha will be “graduating” from the group since their contracts have expired, according to Star Empire Entertainment.

And by “graduating”, they mean Euaerin and Minha have had enough of being stuck under a shit company and getting no promo despite their constant bops and making other groups look like peasants.


Hello. This is Star Empire.

We would like to inform you about the reports regarding Euaerin (birth name Lee Hye Min) and Minha (Park Minha).

9MUSES members Euaerin and Minha’s exclusive contracts have expired and they decided to graduate from 9MUSES.

This was not an easy decision for them and the other 9MUSES members. However, we respect their decisions as they have promoted under 9MUSES for seven years and we understand their situations.

We wish the best for Euaerin and Minha who are graduating and starting a new path.

9MUSES is preparing for a summer comeback through unit group promotions and we will inform you of the unit group details soon.

We will do our best for the fans who always love and support 9MUSES. Thank you.


Not to worry, we can all still stalk watch their Instagram.


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