Stabbing victim Tomita Mayu has regained consciousness


Tomita Mayu, the victim of a brutal stabbing by a crazed fan, has somehow survived her injuries and has regained consciousness.

Mayu Tomita, 20-year old singer-songwriter and former idol who was tragically stabbed in the neck and chest by Tomohiro Iwazaki, 27 on May 21st, regained consciousness on the evening of June 7th.

Since the incident, Tomita has been receiving medical treatment in ICU, and it’s the first time that she regained consciousness in about 2 weeks. Tomita was stabbed over twenty times in the neck and chest with a knife, suffering serious injury to her neck. However, according to the source, the injuries missed her heart and vital organs.

Given the nature of the attack, I’m quite surprised she was able to survive, but fortunately she seems to be out of immediate danger now. Of course, now comes the arduous journey of trying to piece her life back together, but at least she’s alive and has the chance to do so.

As for the guy who did this to her, they’re currently trying to determine if he’s fit to stand trial. Here’s hoping he is and the media attention from this event actually helps encourage the court to do the right thing for once and throw the book at this guy.


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