EXO’s “Lucky One” is a surprisingly basic disco sound that’s just too repetitive


EXO are coming back with their third album, ‘EX’ACT‘, and one of the double title tracks off that album is “Lucky One“.

“Lucky One” starts off with a funky baseline and quiet vocals that almost resemble a whisper. It starts to build from there throughout the verse, but then they get to the pre-chorus which slows everything down again. That would’ve been fine if there was a payoff with the hook, but instead the chorus just basically continues where the verse left off. Aside from a rap, which also falls within the same wavelength as the verses, the song basically just repeats over and over again from there.

This was a track that I found interesting initially, but as the song went on I found myself getting increasingly tired of just listening to similar sounds over and over again. There’s not a whole lot to critique, because so much of it is essentially the same after the first time the chorus ends.

The same goes for the music video, which was the most disappointing part because it was basically just some sterile sci-fi trope repeated instead of including choreography or basically anything interesting.


Some are saying this connects to “Overdose“, which I guess would be great if they something more interesting with it at all to begin with.


While the instrumental is interesting at times, the actual song falls rather flat for me. It’s not a track that’ll cause you to turn the radio off, but “Lucky One” did strike me as something that would be filler rather than a lead single.

The whole concept works better when performed live, but isn’t something I’d actually just want to listen to for the music alone, much less while watching the sub-par music video they put forth. It’s just surprisingly forgettable for me, and I enjoy the disco-esque tracks more than anything, but the repetitive composition and the basic nature of the instrumental just didn’t do it for me this time around.

All in all?


I assume the music video for “Monster” will be coming soon, and I liked that effort far better. So if you like this song, don’t worry, I’m sure this will soar and “Monster” will flop miserably.


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