Taeyeon’s “Atlantis Princess” remake shows superior vocals means little


Taeyeon recently remade BoA‘s “Atlantis Princess” for a Longtu Korea for Kakao commercial, and while many were excited because basically anybody with ears can recognize Taeyeon is a superior vocalist, the remade version of the song sucked donkey cock.


“Atlantis Princess” isn’t one of my favorite BoA songs, but it’s nice and upbeat and fun with a quality music video, and the remake stripped basically all of that away.

What I don’t think people realize is that with superior vocals also comes the incessant need to show that fact off. And thus, we are given Taeyeon’s version of “Atlantis Princess”, complete with pointless vocal runs and a slowed down, boring-ass instrumental geared to emphasize unnecessary vocal theatrics.

That’s why you’re wrong when you say shit like, “If only SPICA got a ‘Roly Poly’, they would’ve made it big!” Nah, they’d probably cut the BPM in half and try to make it a disco ballad somehow and it would flop to fuck and back.

Thank you forever for this example, so I can use it going forward.


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