Younha, HA:TFELT, Cheetah combine on “Get It”, a girl power anthem that delivers


Younha teamed up with HA:TFELT and Cheetah for an star-studded collab single in “Get It.

While the trio always had potential because of the talent involved in the project, it did seem like an odd combination that could’ve been easily misused, especially since this was a Younha lead with the other two featuring. Surprisingly, instead of some kind of unadvised ballad with a rap attached to it, they came with a girl power anthem that was less typically superficial bullshit and more actually something with teeth.


The most pleasant surprise turn was from Younha, who has always been praised as a vocalist, but never came off with this kind of edge or attitude. Quite frankly, it’s a good look on her even if this isn’t the best vehicle for vocal theatrics. I wasn’t surprised at all that Yenny was able to pull this off perfectly after her darker solo turns, which showed this is far more her than the girl group stuff. For Cheetah, this was right up her alley in terms of attitude and lyrics. While her rapping performance was rather unremarkable by her standards, her contributions certainly fit in well with the rest of the track.

The clapping from the instrumental and the use of anthemic chanting reminded me a lot of a vocal version of “Sse Sse Sse“, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. The bells and whistles during the hook helped add diversity to the instrumental, and while the hook isn’t the most melodic sounding thing, it actually works perfectly as an earworm with a refrain that’s catchy as hell. Furthermore, the ad-libs and call-and-response format helps carry the energy throughout the song, and you never feel like it’s becoming repetitive when you’re listening to it. So by the end when it abruptly cuts off, you tend to forget that 3:45 just passed and the replayability is definitely high right off the bat.

Adding to the effectiveness of the project is the music video, which conveyed the attitude presented in the song and its lyrics quite well.


The concept was well planned, and the visuals themselves were a lot like the song, playful but with sass.




The fact that they were able to tie it all together nicely speaks to the overall execution of the concept and the development of the images presented in this effort by the stars.


“Get It” makes it difficult to come away from as anything else but impressed. It toes the line perfectly between aggressive and playful, while also not only just declaring itself an anthem but also serving as one with the sound itself. Furthermore, it doesn’t sound like much of anything out there in K-pop right now, and while it would’ve been real easy to go safe and let their talent/images speak for themselves, they went out on a limb a bit and everything was better off for it.

Perhaps this might prove better as a one-off deal with this trio, but seeing them in action so far and how they complement each other, it’s hard not to want them to revisit this project group going forward.



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