Charges of sexual assault against Yoochun withdrawn, C-JeS issues statement


While things had certainly seemed to get confusing and messy with regards to Yoochun‘s sexual assault case recently, in the end, it turns out that the case has indeed been dropped and this time it’s been confirmed by the police.

Sources from the Youth and Women criminal investigation section told several news outlets that Ms. Lee personally cancelled the charges of sexual assault today, testifying that the sexual relations were not forced. The sources added that because they had been investigating the case as a sexual assault, with Ms. Lee dropping it, they will be in discussions on how to proceed now with the case.

Additionally, C-Jes Entertainment has released a statement on the withdrawal report.


More of a lecture towards the media than anything having to do with the case itself, which is probably smart at this juncture.

That said, I’m not sure there’s still much to discuss in terms of the case. I doubt anything happens now that the alleged victim (and presumably her boyfriend) will not participate in the investigation, regardless of the police still looking into it. As C-JeS have always maintained (to their credit), waiting for official word is probably the way to go with as much of a mess as this has been so far.

I will say, though, that parts of how this has shaken out do feel odd.


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