Police will still investigate Yoochun’s sexual assault case + settlement speculation


Yoochun‘s sexual assault case will still be investigated despite the fact that the alleged victim withdrew the charges yesterday, according to the police.

A representative from Gangnam Police Station spoke with news outlet TV Report and said, “It’s true that ‘A’ has dropped charges, but investigations will continue to determine whether or not the suspicions against Park Yoochun are true.” They also referred to how the law does not require the victim to press sexual assault charges in order to investigate a case.

As I’ve been saying, until anything is officially done in this case, it’s probably best not to jump around on opinions because stuff is going back-and-forth so fast.

Speaking of which, for those confused as to why everything went down the way it did yesterday, there are now reports saying that lawyers believe there was a settlement worked out under the table between Yoochun and the alleged victim. There are also reports saying that the reason the alleged victim filed charges was because Yoochun didn’t pay her for sexual services rendered. Of course, until there’s a better source, take it with a grain of salt.


All of this is actually potentially significant, because it should give us a more complete picture of what has gone down in this case rather it just going away because the alleged victim dropped the charges. Since the police will continue investigating regardless, if Yoochun is indeed innocent, this could actually help him since it gives off the impression that the case was not simply made to go away.

That said, even if he’s cleared by the police, I think it could be equally telling if the normally lawsuit-happy C-JeS Entertainment does not end up suing the alleged victim and the media, as it would give off the impression that they’re not bringing a lawsuit because things were settled behind the scenes. That’s especially true since initially the company claimed that she was trying to blackmail him.

Either way, this seems far from over.


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