Yoochun fans doxxed the wrong woman thinking it was the alleged victim


Before the police denied that charges were being dropped in Yoochun‘s sexual assault case, for the brief moment it was thought the alleged victim was dropping the charges, his fans went absolutely nuts. Almost immediately they started posting up all the info they had on the alleged victim in some kind of quest for revenge for oppa or something, and while that started with the Korean fandom, it was definitely trickling down to the international fandom in a big way.

While the doxxing (especially prematurely) is disgusting no matter what, to make matters even worse, they didn’t even have the correct person to begin with.


Besides this, I had seen her name being thrown about and some even resorted to posting an address where she supposedly lives. So yeah.

Why … why do fandoms do this?

There’s a time and place to play amateur detective, but that has to stop at stuff that can be played off as for laughs. Trying to out an alleged victim of sexual assault so you and your friends can harass her is definitely not something to be involved in, especially because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

Seriously, get a grip, kiddos.


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