Ask Asian Junkie: Do you think Yoochun is innocent or guilty?


In the midst of all of this Yoochun mess, I’ve gotten a ton of questions that are basically the same, so I thought I would clarify.

So do you think Yoochun is innocent or guilty?

That’s basically what I’m being asked a lot, presumably due to my coverage of the events.

My answer? I don’t know. I have a strong lean towards the alleged victims based on what we know about sexual assault cases, the amount of alleged victims involved, and the similarities in all their stories. However, personally, I just want to wait for the police investigation to finish. You know me by now, and I hate to rush into judgment on anything, so I’d just like to have more details and facts before I definitively label anybody anything.

Of course, that’s just for me, and I’m generally a bit more detached than most, so I definitely understand those that feel differently.

In any case, I have to admit that it’s difficult right now to find much going in Yoochun’s favor, so it’s not looking good for him unless his side can show that this was some kind of conspiracy to ruin him or something of that nature.


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