More details from Dispatch’s report on alleged gang role in Yoochun’s case


Remember that Dispatch article that explained the alleged involvement of gangsters used by C-JeS Entertainment to intimidate Yoochun‘s first sexual assault accuser? Well, apparently there were some details left out, and some of the finer specifics make things look even worse (if that was possible).

6/4: CJeS president and A’s side meet.
6/7: 4 members of CJeS, including the chairman of the board, and A’s side meet.
6/7: D, a former member of the mob, and the representative’s father, surname Baek, meet with A’s side.
6/8: Baek’s father and A’s side meet.
6/9: Baek and A’s side meet.

In truth, on the afternoon of the 8th, Baek’s father met with an acquantaince of A and told them “You know exactly who I am. You’d better do your best to talk A out of this.” Former mob member D also was involved. He’s a close friend of A and CJeS. D contacted them directly to request that they resolve the issue as best as possible.

There were also further details on the potential reasons why charges were brought and why charges were dropped.

Representative Baek met with A’s side at Yeongdong hotel on the 10th. He told A’s side that they’d changed their position and they had no plans to pay for damages. In the 6 days during which the incident came to light, mediation between the two became strained. A’s side wanted compensation for damages, and CJeS was dragging their feet.

On the night of the 14th, A withdrew the charges. A’s boyfriend clarified the reason for the withdrawal, but something about their reasoning rings hollow. And that’s where the issue of settlement money comes in. In truth, A’s side had been discussing the matter of settlement money with CJeS for about a week, but filed the charge when they were unable to come to an agreement. “The scandal blew up. The media coverage caused enough damage to PYC,” said A’s side, doing a 180-degree turn from their previous demands for criminal penalties and compensation. This suggests the influence of hush money.

The report also says that speculations over the first alleged victim’s boyfriend being her pimp or something of the sort were false.

Additionally, A’s boyfriend does not work in the sex trade. He works in foreign trade in partnership with China. “On the morning of the 4th, he met with A, and she was crying. He asked her why and she told me that Park Yoo Chun and the guys he was with degraded her. At first he really wanted to make sure they were punished,” said an acquaintance of B.

Granted, this is all Dispatch’s reporting, and while they’ve generally proven reliable over the years with a few exceptions, the police investigation results are still the thing to wait for. Speaking of which, if Dispatch’s report on this is true, it would be interesting to see if the police investigate the potential gang involvement or if this really was just one hell of a coincidence.


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