Yoochun investigated for aggravated confinement + C-JeS rebuttal + memory & trauma


All four alleged victims in Yoochun‘s sexual assault case stated that Yoochun would forcibly not allow them to leave the bathroom, according to their statements to authorities.

According to media reports, all four women stated that at the times of the sexual assaults, Park Yoochun grabbed the handle to the bathroom door and would not let them leave. They said that while they had limits due to their employment at the adult entertainment establishment, they tried to resist as much as they could. Some testified that Park Yoochun forced them to their knees with his hands on their shoulders.

Likely as a result of these statements, the police are also now investigating Yoochun for aggravated confinement (accuracy confirmed by @paulisteu).

On the 20th, a representative from the Gangnam police told the media, “It’s our policy to confirm whether the accused kept the alleged victims captive in any of the bathrooms at the site of the scene … At the heart of the accusation is the matter of aggravated confinement, which which will be confirmed in later examinations.”

Yoochun is also being investigated for soliciting prostitution.


On the other side of things, C-JeS Entertainment‘s rebuttal to the first alleged victim’s charges was revealed.

According to reports, Park Yoochun’s first counter lawsuit details what happened before the official filing of the first woman’s complaint: allegedly, the first woman who accused Park Yoochun of sexual assault approached Park Yoochun’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, and proposed a settlement prior to filing the police report. She said that because she had been sexually assaulted, she could no longer live in Korea. She said that she would go to China, and asked for a settlement of 1 billion won (approximately $863,000). However, the person that came to meet with the agency was not the woman, but the woman’s boyfriend, who is reportedly a member of a gang in Seoul. In the meeting with the agency, he said that he could lower the settlement to 500 million won (approximately $432,000). Park Yoochun’s agency refused the demands, and later the same day, the first sexual assault allegation was filed.

The weird part about this is there’s no actual rebuttal to the sexual assault charges themselves.

Sure, there’s potentially a case in there for blackmail if what C-JeS is saying is true about the alleged victim’s demands. However, wouldn’t the sexual assault allegations actually being false be sort of integral to winning a lawsuit in which one charges the alleged victim with false allegations? Otherwise, what is there to blackmail about?

Found that omission by them a bit odd.


In any case, while Yoochun fans have attempted to hand-wave away the first alleged victim because of the withdrawn charges and the murkiness involving a supposed settlement (maybe gang members and all that), the second alleged victim is proving harder and harder to discredit.

In particular, the second accuser had reported this to 112 right afterwards and had been told by the police that she undoubtedly had enough to say that she had been sexually assaulted and the police had even supported her report.

The woman who claimed the date to be December last year has so far submitted her therapy session the day after her sexual assault, as well as the texts she sent to her close friends referring to Yoochun by his real name, as evidence.

Police in Korea aren’t exactly known for being the best at handling alleged victims of sexual assault, so for the second alleged victim to report it immediately and for the responding officer to be concerned enough to tell her to file charges, it sure appears like there was a case there. In addition to the police records, she also allegedly has proof of her going through her ordeal and citing Yoochun’s name as her assailant.

The second alleged victim’s evidence could also crumble the rumors that there was some kind of gang extortion plot against Yoochun with all four of the alleged victims being in on it. After all, how would the second alleged victim have known six months ago that any of this would happen now?


Speaking of the alleged victims making their cases against Yoochun, I needed to say something about the fandom rebuttals towards the third and fourth alleged victims that have now spread to the media.

On June 21, Sports World reported that Yoochun was overseas in China on the dates given in the testimonies of the third and fourth alleged assault victims, while TV Report reported his alibi was not sound as the JYJ member was in Korea on June 12, 2014.

Basically, there’s now a lot being made about potential alibis for Yoochun, and people are desperately going around searching for things to discredit the alleged victims with, like saying he was supposedly out of the country on the dates the alleged victims say they were raped by him.

But even if they do find evidence that the dates cited by the alleged victims were off, that doesn’t mean a whole lot in terms of whether Yoochun did it or not. Yes, discrepancies would make it harder to convict Yoochun in a court of law, but unsurprisingly victims of trauma frequently have memory problems. That, of course, is why sexual assault cases are so hard to prosecute in court, because often the memories of the alleged victims are put on trial even though research basically tells us that it’s almost impossible that their memories can get it all perfect. Thus, while the alleged victims getting a date or a time or a detail wrong would definitely help Yoochun’s case in court, it wouldn’t prove that he is innocent, and it certainly wouldn’t mean the alleged victims were lying or anything dramatic like that.

Just had to point that out, because so many people seem obsessed with this narrative that it’s definitive proof of a conspiracy if one of the alleged victims gets one detail wrong. No, no it’s not. It’s a conspiracy against Yoochun if it’s a conspiracy against Yoochun, not because an alleged trauma victim’s memory wasn’t 100% perfect.


So anyway, that’s about everything that has happened recently involving the Yoochun sexual assault case. As I said before, the police investigation and potential trial will likely be extremely open to the public by design, so just wait for information to come out.


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