Actress Kim Min Hee & director Hong Sang Soo reportedly dating … he’s married


Actress Kim Min Hee (34) and director Hong Sang Soo (54) are reportedly dating, according to TV Report, which would be whatever except for the fact that Hong Sang Soo has been married for over 30 years.

The two, of course, reportedly met while working together in 2015 on the film “Right Now Wrong Then“, and that’s the origin of the affair.

The report claims that Hong Sang Soo left his family and informed his wife and daughter about his relationship with Kim Min Hee last September.

TV Report also claims that Kim Min Hee’s parents are aware of their affair as well. They said Kim Min Hee’s mother witnessed an argument between Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo’s wife. Furthermore, the report alleges that Kim Min Hee’s agency became aware of their affair last October and decided against renewing a contract with her. Thus, Kim Min Hee is currently working with her own manager and without an agency.

So the director left his wife of over 30 years, and the actress knowingly had an affair with a married man and reportedly told the wife “you should’ve managed your husband better”.

They seem like they deserve each other at least.


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