FNC Entertainment denies insider trading, says it’s all a “misunderstanding”


It was recently revealed that FNC Entertainment was being investigated for insider trading as it relates to the signing of comedian Yoo Jae Suk, but the company has denied that they did anything wrong.

FNC Entertainment denied the suspicions and stated, “The stock manipulation [suspicions] are groundless. We will actively cooperate with the prosecutor’s investigation.” The agency continued, “The dealings in stocks last July had been judged as a normal transaction. It is an issue unrelated to stock manipulation.” Lastly, they added, “This is not related to headquarters but rather a misunderstanding that came from a person related to the company who made a personal stock deal. ”

Obviously it’s impossible for us to make any judgment at this point since we have no information, really. However, the good news for FNCE stans is that inside trading tends to be difficult to prove.

Other than that, not a lot great about even being associated with this.


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