Police have found the source of Lee Seung Gi love child rumor & he will sue


Lee Seung Gi promised that the person who started the rumor about him having a secret love child with his makeup artist would get fucked up, and now he has delivered on that promise. Police have found the source of the rumor, and Lee Seung Gi is gonna follow through with a lawsuit.

The person, referred to as “A,” is an employee at a major Korean mobile carrier, only referred to in reports as “L.” It all started on June 21 and 22 when “A” wrote the rumors about Lee Seung Gi in a group chat at work. The woman whose picture had been released as the supposed mother of Lee Seung Gi’s child was an employee working in a different department of the same company. Like Lee Seung Gi, the woman has also filed a complaint with the police against “A.”

Yes folks, that’s right. This whole thing started because of a work group chat.

Lest you think he’ll be letting her off light …. nope.

On June 23, Hook Entertainment revealed that the agency is planning on suing the person behind the rumor as well. “We have retained a lawyer for a lawsuit against the original person who spread the malicious rumor.” The agency was firm in its stance to not be lenient on the rumor fabricator. “The rumor was malicious because it was targeted at a civilian, so there will be no leniency. We plan on taking stern measures.”


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