Kisum is on a roll with “No Jam”, which successfully runs counter to its title


Kisum is back again for round two this summer with the official title song off her mini album, Musik. While her previous release was smooth, cool, and jazzy, No Jam is its chaotic, fun-loving, reckless little sister determined to get you out of your seat.

The more Kisum releases the more I feel she’s carving out a real sound for herself within the Korean hip-hop market. I really like the fact that she’s using a full band again. The basic piano melody we hear in the beginning is fun, light, and energetic and stays that way the whole way through with a little help from bright electric guitar accents and a great beat.

Truthfully, I was surprised that I never got too tired of this being at a full 10 the whole way through. The decision to never take it down could’ve been really overwhelming if not done the right way, but there was just enough variations during the verses that it never ended up being overly chaotic. It’s chaotic in just the right way, and really makes you want to just get on your feet to jump around like a little kid.

Speaking of, I love how childish she is during some of the adlibs in this. Her yelling, altering her voice to sound like she sucked in a helium balloon, the chanting at the end, etc. All of it works perfectly to make you feel like you really can just let loose and play around.


The music video adds to the fun as its absolutely adorable and kept me smiling from ear-to-ear the entire time watching. We see her performing “No Jam” live to goofing off and partying with friends. I’d also like to note that she’s roaming through the city again, but it’s a complete departure from what we saw in “2 BEER“, and I love that juxtaposition in the first two music videos she’s released from this mini.





Plus, if a cute Kisum being silly wasn’t enough, Heize was there, too, along with some other people I don’t know!





The unpolished nature of the shots are a refreshing escape from K-pop counterparts that only seem to get more perfect by the year.




The verdict? “No Jam” refuses to be anything but a jam. From beginning to end it is simply pure fun, and manages to remain at full speed the whole way through without losing you in its madness, and instead making you want to partake in it. I would also recommend checking out the remaining tracks on the mini, as well. It’s a wonderfully cohesive effort that also manages to show off her diversity at the same time.


“No Jam”


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