FNC CEO & another CNBLUE member reportedly involved in insider trading scandal


After it was revealed recently that Yonghwa of CNBLUE was called in by police in relation to the ongoing investigation into FNC Entertainment and insider trading, it was then revealed that another celebrity under the company is also being looked at, as well as the CEO.

The investigation began last month when the Financial Services Commission turned the case over to the prosecutor. This month the investigation revealed that one or two other people have been found with traces of using the insider knowledge to their benefit and are currently being investigated. One of those people is said to be a fellow celebrity.

That “fellow celebrity” is rumored to be a fellow CNBLUE member, and FNC CEO Han Sung Ho is also under investigation.

The FNC Entertainment representative Han Sung Ho has also been under investigation. It is speculated that the fellow celebrity under investigation is a fellow CNBLUE member.

So yeah, this definitely doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon.

I do have to wonder to what extent this will effect the celebrities signed with the company.


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