Yoochun’s 2nd alleged victim tells her story + 1st alleged victim denies settlement


As Yoochun‘s sexual assault case continues on with the count now up to five women, two of the alleged victims spoke to MBC‘s ‘PD Notebook‘ for a story on the case.


The second alleged victim spoke out with great detail in terms of her side of the story. This is particularly noteworthy, in my opinion, because she’s the one who had previously reported a sexual assault to authorities in December 2015 giving a similar M.O. to the other alleged victims, and had done so months prior to any of this breaking. Furthermore, after taking doing their report and taking her testimony, the police encouraged her to press charges, but she said she was scared of a legal battle with a top star at the time.

There’s not a ton of stuff to parse regarding this story, so I’ll just let you read the details.


It was very shameful and it felt like I had become a toilet. It felt like he had completely taken me and played around with me. He didn’t say a word of apology to me at all before leaving. When you play music there, the whole store resonates [with the music]. He sings the song and turns the music on extremely loud. I didn’t know how to act in that atmosphere and it hadn’t been long since I started working there, so I was wondering what I was supposed to do, and then he wrapped his arm around my waist and started dancing while smoking. Then he kept saying to me, ‘How much money do you need? Why are you here?’ He said, ‘Hey, I can’t hear you well. Let’s go talk in the bathroom.’ I followed him in there with no suspicions whatsoever.

He asked me, ‘How much money do you need that you’re here?’ He said, ‘I just have to earn money and quit,’ and his words like that felt like he was trying to buy me with money and he kept saying money, money, money, so I started getting frustrated. He kept talking about money. He kissed me [in the bathroom]. He grabbed my face and kissed me. He kissed me then lifted his head and said, ‘What is this, you have no emotion, no emotion.’

At the time, I had my period. Even while he was kissing me, he lifted my skirt, so I told him, ‘Don’t do that.’ I said those three words for sure. Don’t do that. I said, ‘Don’t do that. I have my period.’ But then he said, ‘Oh, still, shouldn’t I check if you match well with me?’ I told him I didn’t want to so don’t do that and get out regardless, but when I looked in the mirror for a brief moment, he pulled down his pants, and I was so surprised that he forcefully dragged me and sat me down. I was so taken aback that I said I didn’t want to and that I wouldn’t do that, so he stood me up and turned me around.

At the time, I cried. Because I was so taken aback. He said, ‘It’s okay. Because we’re going to date. We’re going to start dating now. You’re going to give me your number today, right? You’re going to?’ I didn’t say anything back. Doing something like that at a place like that where people could hear even when I didn’t want to and I had my period, which I would hate even if he were my boyfriend. I didn’t ask someone to help me; I was really embarrassed by the fact that that was done in a small bathroom like that. There was also that fear, ‘What if someone finds out about this?’

At that time, I needed a lot of money. I needed money for my education. It wasn’t anything like prostitution and I could get a fast profit [so I worked at 10cafe]. I never even heard of a second round [taking it another level] and that place would stop you. Because they wouldn’t want to get involved in something unsavory. At the time, I wrote in my diary, ‘My friends. If I die, attack Yoochun. Don’t hate me.’ I had to earn money and I had to go to work, but whenever I went into that room, I had such a hard time and thought I would go crazy, so in the end, I quit.

I thought that I was treated as less than human by him. If it were a woman he truly loved, would he have wanted to do that there? I felt like he thought, ‘Those in this business probably won’t be able to report me even if I do this to them, they won’t be able to go against my words, and there is no CCTV, so they wouldn’t dare file a charge against me, and since I’m a top star and celebrity, they probably wouldn’t feel this is unfair.’ He disregarded me because I work in this business. I honestly needed money and had no parents so I was there to make a living, but he disregarded me because I worked there and raped me. I cannot forgive him.


Honestly, it’s a tough read. It’s one thing to hear about “sexual assault” or even “rape” allegations written in a media story or a statement, but it’s another to hear the details brought forth by the alleged victims.

Besides just her side of the story, though, it was interesting to me that she documented months ago that it was Yoochun she was talking about in regards to the incident she reported to the police, and thus it’s hard to say she’s bandwagoning or anything of the sort.


Of course, the second alleged victim wasn’t the only one to talk with the show, as the first alleged victim and her boyfriend also spoke out. They denied that any settlement with Yoochun’s side took place, and perhaps most importantly, they didn’t say the sexual assault didn’t happen, they just say they dropped the case once they realized what a mess it was gonna be.

“Firstly, there was no such thing as a settlement at all. What actually happened was that we dropped the charge because we wanted to quietly conclude this. There were many rumors saying we received money, but we had not received a single penny. Since the reports went out, we’d never met up with a rep from his side. We never tried to contact him or call him.”

“We really had not wanted reports to go out. This was because if the situation blew up, then the identities would also be revealed for sure. After the article went out, we changed our minds. Because things were getting bigger, we had no choice but to want to fold this as quickly as possible, which was the biggest reason for our dropping the charge. Honestly, if [Yoochun’s side] keeps pushing forward saying that [the first accusation] was a false one, he’ll be the one to see the damage.”

Yeah, that’s definitely not somebody backing down from the assertion that the alleged first victim was sexually assaulted. They’re saying they didn’t want to get outed (and for good reason, it turns out), and that C-JeS Entertainment should just let the sleeping dog lie instead of trying to claim they lied.


So yeah, it’s getting ugly and things haven’t even really started to emerge in earnest yet.

Personally, it’s just hard to get away from the second alleged victim’s accusation at this point. There’s not even attempt at an alibi for it (unlike others), there was no way for her to know six months ago that any of this would even happen, and at the time even the police — who are notoriously terrible at handling sexual assault cases — recommended that she press charges when she reported it.

Dunno, man.


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