Minzy’s friend now complaining about CL to random people on Instagram


One of Minzy‘s friends, the same one who previously celebrated Minzy’s liberation from 2NE1 and YG Entertainment, recently responded to a fan on Instagram and took CL to task for whatever reason (holding Minzy back?).


Yeah, not sure why it would be CL’s duty to give Minzy a solo or whatever the fuck Minzy’s friend is on about.

While it’s not Minzy saying any of this, if there was a problem with her doing this over and over, you’d think at some point Minzy might slide into her DMs with like, “Hey, cut this shit out cause you’re losing me a major potential revenue stream, you dumb fuck.” Or something, right? Guess not.

I mean it’s stupid enough to blame CL for a lack of Minzy solo and/or promotions, but probably even dumber to compound that by trying your best to alienate your friend from the support of YGE and 2NE1 stans.


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