Fifth woman says Yoochun sexually assaulted her in a bathroom


A fifth woman has come forward in Yoochun‘s sexual assault case, though this one has so far only told her story to Dispatch and has not pressed charges. She tells a familiar story to the other four, mentioned that she didn’t report it because nobody would believe her anyway, and shares text messages between her and a friend from when the alleged sexual assault happened.

On June 28, Dispatch held an interview with E, who was an employee at a business called 10Cafe. She is claiming to have been sexually assaulted and almost raped by Yoochun, but did not report the incident at the time. E explained, “Who would believe a woman who works at an adult entertainment bar?” Dispatch also looked at chat logs between E and one of her friends at the time. She had written, “I was almost raped. Park Yoochun (expletive).” Allegedly, Yoochun had come in as a customer earlier the night of the incident and attempted to rape her in the bathroom. E recalled, “The band came in. The music was on. Yoochun called me into the bathroom. He then tried to force me to have relations with him.” She said she denied the star until the end and was eventually able to slip out of the restroom. E further stated she was extremely fearful as she knew no one would come to help her in the restroom. As for why she didn’t file a police report, she stated, “Would it be resolved if I reported it? Everyone would curse me. No one would believe me. I was afraid people would find it ridiculous a woman who worked at an adult entertainment bar could claim rape.” E still has no intentions of reporting the incident to the police.

Dispatch then talked to two co-workers of the woman making the sexual assault allegation, who generally corroborated her story.

10Cafe employees F and G agreed to interviews by Dispatch as well. They both asserted they remember two things about Yoochun: the band and the bathroom. The two women stated, “When the band started playing, he would go to the bathroom with a partner. We don’t know what happened in the bathroom. You can’t hear anything because of the band.” They added, “When Yoochun went into the bathroom, his acquaintances would laugh. It seemed as if they knew what happened in there. We suspected it, but weren’t sure.” According to Dispatch, F and G were reluctant to use the terms “sexual assault” or “rape,” but they did state they did not feel the incidents were voluntary on part of the employees. They stated, “Of course, maybe some women did it because they wanted to. However, we’re sure there are some who didn’t want to. Still, it’d be difficult to come out with something like this because we do this kind of work. They’d probably have all sorts of thoughts going through their heads.” Another employee of the business also spoke to Dispatch, saying, “There is no second meeting at 10Pro and 10Cafe. Prostitution is not allowed. There are some customers who humor themselves by coercing the women into sexual relations.”

It’s understandable that the alleged victim wouldn’t want to go to the authorities and involve herself in this officially given what we already know Yoochun’s stans are doing to find the personal information of the alleged victims. However, it would make a better case for the report’s credibility if she did at least tell her story to authorities and joined the other four in filing charges.

Either way, things only seem to be getting worse for Yoochun.


As an aside, I’m having a harder and harder time figuring out the angle that this is a conspiracy against Yoochun by a criminal organization. Surely given the amount of damage this has already done to Yoochun, if there was gonna be a massive settlement paid out, they would’ve done so by now. So why does another woman come forward now? Furthermore, and this is the most confusing part, it seems odd that a criminal organization would supposedly be continuously calling attention to themselves by proxy. Why would said hypothetical gang open up their supposed conspiracy to more and more holes by involving more and more people having to be in on it? Maybe they’re just that dumb, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of logistical sense to me.

So sadly, it just seems more likely to me that these kinds of sexual assaults are something that occur on the regular to employees of “adult entertainment bars”, but this time it happened to be reported to authorities. Plus, I still haven’t seen anybody explain how the second victim knew six months in advance to report a sexual assault with the same M.O. as the other four to the police, one where the responding officer encouraged her to file charges because something was clearly wrong.



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