FEMM mount successful comeback with “Neon Twilight” & “Countdown”


FEMM have dropped music videos for both “Neon Twilight” and “Countdown“, and both songs will be on a soon-to-be released single as well as serve as theme songs for ‘Night Nation Run‘ in Japan (a running music festival, apparently).

“Neon Twilight” has an off-kilter instrumental, but that’s what I liked about it. It’s catchy and the energy carries throughout the song, while the instrumental-heavy hook works better than it seems like it should.

“Countdown” immediately gets bonus points for sampling the same brass riff as “Brass Monkey” by Beastie Boys (Wild Sugar‘s “Bring It Here).


While the Beastie Boys used the sample better, the seductive and almost ominous tone of “Countdown” was a nice twist for the track instead of just using it for a party song like everybody would expect.

In any case, FEMM are definitely back on the map again with “Neon Twilight” and “Countdown”, and it’s about time.




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