YGE may debut a sister group for BLACKPINK to make money off fandoms fighting


While BLACKPINK just announced all four members of the group yesterday, there’s already reports that YG Entertainment is planning a sister group for them, not unlike the situation with WINNER and iKON.

A representative from YG spoke with news outlet OSEN and said, “We originally planned for a total of nine members, but Yang Hyun Suk changed plans two years ago to debut four members first. It’s not possible to know Yang Hyun Suk’s thoughts precisely, but the remaining five trainees are still with YG and the company atmosphere is that Black Pink is the advance party (group sent ahead).”

On one hand, of course he saw the formula with the WINNER/iKON fandom messes and thought a girl group version of that would be an ideal way to extract as much money as possible from delulu stans. On the other hand, I’m guessing there’s not a ton of need to worry about them fighting any time soon, because given that this group was just conceptually announced, we’ll probably be seeing them in 2020 at the earliest.


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