Yoochun’s DNA is a match on first alleged victim, but nothing likely to come of it


The latest in the Yoochun sexual assault case is that the DNA taken from the underwear of the first alleged victim was indeed Yoochun’s, according to police. However, nothing is likely to come of it because that doesn’t prove he sexually assaulted her, just that they had sex.

The same apparently goes for the rest of the alleged victims.

As many have pointed out all along, despite multiple accusations with similar stories or even physical evidence like this, sexual assault cases are difficult to get to trial, much less get a conviction. That, of course, doesn’t mean he’s innocent by any means, but it sure seems like this won’t even go to court at this rate.

Still, unless there’s some kind of conspiracy revealed by the police investigation, it’s difficult for me to believe he’s innocent.


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