EXO-L rage at a pair of teenage actresses for liking other artists more (AKMU/BTS)


EXO-L recently successfully drove a 17-year-old actress Seo Shin Ae off Instagram for liking Akdong Musician more than EXO, and 13-year-old actress Kim Hwan Hee got hate for liking BTS more than EXO.


For Seo Shin Ae, this exchange…

Jaesuk : Seo Shinae which musician do you like?
Shinae: I like EXO oppas a lot BUT~ Akdong Musicians are more my style

…brought forth this from international EXO-L…


…and for Kim Hwan Hee, it was this…

When asked, “Do you like EXO?” Kim Hwan Hee replied very honestly, “I really like EXO, but I like BTS more.”

…that got her this from Korean EXO-L.

“Stop mentioning Bangtan you Hwanhee b*ch (EXO) don’t need your love anyways”
“Hwanhee you f*cker”
“Ah…. Hwanhee get the f*ck out”
“F*ck Hwanhee-yah shut up would you”
“F*ck… That’s 2nd grade Hwanhee…. F*ck”
“Today’s Happy together: The kids are all so handsome, I’m telling you they’re so handsome, and Hwanhee is a f*cking b*ch”

These are the people that are supposedly unbiased and reasonable while everybody else is an anti when their fave actually does something serious.


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