MAMAMOO brother group VROMANCE lack the same personality on “SHE”


VROMANCE, hyped as the brother group of MAMAMOO, do their job admirably in many ways on “SHE“, but they are very unlike their sister group in one important aspect.

The best way I can explain VROMANCE is that they’re like MAMAMOO in the sense of using a throwback feel to their song, the talent appears to be there, and the song is decently catchy.

That said, I can’t help but feel they lack the same life or personality or quirkiness that has come to define MAMAMOO, and they’re trying harder to go for a traditionally smooth R&B feel that quite frankly doesn’t serve them well.

VROMANCE are certainly better than most rookies that have come out recently, and their song is catchier as well, but on “SHE” they don’t stand out to me in nearly the same way their sister group did.



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Thot Leader™