YGE unveils grand plans (8 MV!) for BLACKPINK that’ll probably never happen


YG Entertainment will be releasing songs for BLACKPINK nonstop for five months straight, and eight music videos are being filmed because they’re all so awesome, according to a recent report.

A source from YG revealed, “Black Pink will release their debut song near the end of this month as of now. Following that, they will continously release new songs until December.” The source continued, “The music industry these days is focused on tracks, so when an album is released it is common for only the title track to receive attention. The songs that Black Pink has completed so far are all of amazing quality, so they will be split up and released separately.”

It’s YGE, so this will inevitably never ever happen, but the media narrative they’re pushing where they need all those music videos because all the songs are just that ridiculously amazing is great. The hubris is off the charts.


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