VAV are back with the greatest song of the 20th century (no mistake) in “No Doubt”


VAV, the greatest boy band of the 20th century (yes, that’s right), are back with “No Doubt“, a clear homage to the punk ska era of the 90s.

The song is uplifting, and the music video complements it well. “No Doubt” provides hope for the weak, and you can feel it within every breath and pronunciation of each word they sing.



I just love how the camera moves through the mountains, because it symbolises so much and so little at the same time. It almost interweaves along with the song, and if you’re not crying at this innovative music video direction, then there’s no hope for you.



The cold tones used in the music video are so unusual, but what does it all mean? It’s too deep for me to comprehend, so I’ll leave that for the readers to figure out, and I want 10,000-word comments because this shit is real and so is my love for VAV.


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