2BiC may have marked their calendar wrong with “The Day Of Us”


R&B and balladeer duo 2Bic, consisting of members Jun Hyung and Jin Hwan, have released “The Day of Us.” In the midst of the bright upbeat summer comebacks surrounding us, I can’t help but feel this is out of place, and I haven’t even touched on the actual song yet.

No offense intended towards Jun Hyung, but the entire first 50 seconds is wasted on a generic melody and sappy singing. Once Jin Hwan comes in, however, his tone and style improve the effort immediately. I find his musicality way more appealing here, and wished he took more of a lead on this single. Considering this is so generic, having a vocal who can stylistically add more interest and dynamic is needed, and the difference between the two is even more jarring when you hear the two sing directly after one another.

Now, let’s talk about the missed opportunities regarding the arrangement that would take this from standard and predictable to replay worthy, even in summer. If I had shown you a clip of 1:35-2:00 only, you would think this is a completely different song with a lot more going on than it does. I can only imagine if the verses were filled with more moments of jazz influenced harmonies, pleasantly unexpected syncopation, and R&B vocal stylizing that lead into the choruses where they can show off their power notes all they want. It would make even more sense when they reach the climax of the song at the three-minute mark and finally show just how powerful their voices can be when combined, and probably even extend the track for another minute or so with the insert of a bridge. Unfortunately, none of that happens.


Regarding the music video, it’s incredibly boring and can be summed up in one photo.


While I appreciate the fact that they don’t hide their faces away like Wheesung, I don’t appreciate an entire video of them sitting in chairs looking so forced it’s ridiculous. There’s no plot, no shots of any land or cityscape (besides the 0:10 mark), and nostalgic memorabilia like a typewriter and a vase of flowers seems just randomly thrown in. Add in the filters, mirrored effects, and burned transition shots, and it very quickly becomes amateur-hour.


Overall, even in a market where cheesy ballads never have a cold shoulder turned on them, this still feels like the wrong timing and a severe misuse of 2BiC’s strengths, as they are set to an uninspired melody and presented in front of an offensively bland music video.


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