Jolin Tsai, Charlene Choi, Jackie Chan ripped for not being mad about sea ruling


Charlene Choi, Jolin Tsai, and Jackie Chan are among the celebrities who are currently being ripped by Chinese netizens because they weren’t vocal enough in supporting what the hivemind wanted in terms of the South China Sea ruling.

Jolin, who posted a photo with her sister at the Meiji Shrine in Japan, was blasted for not being patriotic, as was Charlene, who published a photo from a photoshoot, and Jackie, who posted a photo from a press conference of his new movie – instead of the image of a map of China with the nine-dash line that the other stars shared online to show their protest. When asked about it, a frustrated Charlene responded, “I am really speechless with some of these comments. I love my country. Do I have to say it all the time? … I donate money each year to help build schools in the rural areas in mainland, and I have always been there to help when natural disasters strike. Do I have to remind people about that too? Everybody has their own responsibility!” she added.

Yeah, so realities like this is why I speculated that celebs have to feel forced to fall in line or be punished in one way or another by an angry mob. I’m sure many of them feel that sense of nationalism anyway, but the expectation/requirement is clear to all of them, so fears over their future career surely plays a role in many decisions as well.

Of course, that doesn’t excuse said celebs from the responsibility for what they’re posting, as they have a choice in the end. But the pressure is real and it’s scary as hell.


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