Blind item hints that Taeyeon/Baekhyun are still dating, god of Oreos please


Taeyeon and Baekhyun (probably) are still dating, at least according to a “blind” item on KpopBehind, a site run by a supposed Korean entertainment journalist. Take that as you will.

By the way, the kpop idol star couple who have admitted their romantic relationship in the past is a unique case. They’ve been dating well, and it seems like their relationship will continue for some time. However, they’re acting as if they’ve already broken up, while many media outlets have reported about it. Well, both of them are very popular stars, and they were widely blamed for their special relationship when it was revealed that they were dating. It looks that The two and their agencies concluded that it is beneficial for them to break up fictitiously. I think the strategy worked. The announcement about their breakup allayed fans’ rage.

Really hope this is true since they never officially broke up, but many fans think they have, and that calmed down their rage. However, if they were caught dating again (or still dating), then the rage with an Oreogate 2.0 would be amazing.

Just here for the Oreo and condom jokes, folks.



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