Brand New Music’s “Respect The Name” is a solid eight-minute cypher

Brand New Music artists DJ Juice, Kanto, MC Gree, KittiB, Hanhae, Kebee, P-Type, Minos, and San E again show that the Korean hip-hop collabs always seem to workout decently, while so many other efforts are just shit (probably cause of the trend riding).

Notably absent is Verbal Jint, so I probably like less than half the rappers involved in this (when the fuck did Kebee join BNM?), but he probably had to take a nap or something so it’s okay.


Anyway, given KittiB’s reputation coming into ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘, it’s pretty surprising that she’s been one of the better “discoveries” to come out of that.





It’s actually refreshing to hear aggressive lyrics from a different perspective than what’s usually the norm, it’s just a lot fresher than similar brags done different ways on the other side.

Also low-key praying that the “jacking off to your own shit” dig while mimicking a flow was P-Type shitting on the horrid trap rappers.

Finally, I guess San E took a break from shitty songs with Raina and went back to not being shit for like half his verse. Good times.


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