Lee Jin Wook’s alleged victim confesses to false charges, according to report


Lee Jin Wook‘s sexual assault case has taken a significant turn in his favor that would seem to all but end the ordeal, as the alleged victim in the case has admitted to false allegations, according to a report by Dispatch.

According to Dispatch, A told police in a follow-up investigation on the 26th that there was no force used on the night of the incident. The Gangnam Police Station held their fourth interview with A today, and it’s reported she admitted the sexual assault allegations were false. Plaintiff A reportedly told police, “There was not any force used during relations with Lee Jin Wook.” A rep from the police also stated, “Lee Jin Wook has been cleared of the sexual assault charges. A admitted to making false accusations. We’re currently negotiating a warrant of arrest for her.”

As we know by now, a report is just a report until confirmed, but if this is true then it obviously goes a long way toward absolving Lee Jin Wook. Also, it shows that his lawyers are absolutely horrible at public relations, as evidenced by that interview/statement with Dispatch.

Anyway, while I suppose the counter to even this would be that it involves a dispute about consent because the word “force” was used again, the difference is that this would be her own admission, plus that it would logically imply that the injuries cited by the alleged victim were indeed fabricated. As such, if this report is true, this is a case where it would seem he was able to absolve him of most any wrongdoing other than a one-night stand.

We’ll see, but again, I like to wait on the police investigation because even if the result itself doesn’t achieve justice, I think the details revealed go a long way into making an informed judgment.


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