Mackenyu, Sonny Chiba’s son, was reportedly raped & has a 5-year-old kid


Mackenyu, a 19-year-old actor and the son of legendary actor Sonny Chiba, was found to have a secret 5-year-old kid, according to a report by FRIDAY. That’s shocking enough that he had a kid at the age of 14, but it took a turn for the criminal when it was also revealed that the mother of the child is in her late-30s/early-40s and a friend of the family.

Yeah, that would be rape.

According to the article, mother of the child (refered to as Y-san) is a married Japanese woman and was friend of the family. She is in her late 30s/early 40s. “Friday” found out that the in 2013, Y-san was prosecuted for her sexual intercourse with a child below 14-years old. The trial was suspended, as Mackenyu denied the act was against his will.

Not only would it be statutory rape that likely occurred when he was still 13, the woman is also reportedly married to somebody else, and given her supposed status as a family friend she likely groomed him since he was even younger.

Fuck this.

And yet, because people are stupid fucks, all they apparently care about is the fact that he has a kid and not the fact that he was raped.

Mackenyu is Los Angeles native, but started his professional activities in Japan in 2014. He’s fluent in English, knows karate, wrestling, can ride a horse and play a piano. Add his impeccable features and you’ll recieve almost a perfect package of prince grasping hearts of many young Japanese girls. His biggest hits to date are the ‘Chihayafuru‘ movies and stageplay version of ‘Hana yori Dango‘. Currently, Mackenyu can be seen in the ‘Aogeba Totoshi‘ drama, title boasting the second highest rating out of the Summer season after 2nd episode. As to be expected, the fans were left in shock and uproar after the scoop appeared in the July 29th edition of the tabloid.

Mackenyu hasn’t yet spoken about the report. His lawyer prepared a statement to the media informing that “there are false information (in the scoop)”. The actor has 4 feature films lined up for this year (“Nigakute Amai”, “Shoujo“, “Cheer☆Dan”, “Peach Girl“), but his future career might be in danger after the revelations.

Oh fuck off.

I truly hope that the FRIDAY report is wrong, but if it isn’t, this is just terrible.


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