Arrest warrant issued for initial alleged victim in Yoochun’s sexual assault case


Yoochun‘s sexual assault case has been expectedly dormant for a while, but the latest news is that the first alleged victim, her boyfriend, and her cousin have had arrest warrants issued for extortion.

On August 4, the Gangnam Police Station revealed that they requested preliminary arrest warrants for A, A’s boyfriend, and A’s cousin for attempted blackmail. A source from the police stated, “We requested arrest warrants because we judged that the crime is not minor but rather quite serious. The acceptance or rejection of the request will be decided later today.”

As with the rest of the case, we’ll be able to reach a better conclusion once details come out about this, but I did previously mention that given the high amount of confusion in this allegation, especially with regards to supposed gang involvement, this was definitely one of the possible outcomes.

Is it true or not? Who knows, but it definitely seems to be headed that way with this.


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