Everything works in BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” except the song


BLACKPINK‘s “BOOMBAYAH” is the other music video released for the group’s epic debut, and it’s clearly supposed to be their turnt single to counter the rather lowkey “Whistle“.

It’s basically impossible to get away from comparisons to 2NE1, especially with this release, and if they didn’t want them compared, then they should’ve have used the same amount of members and gave them similar roles and similar images. Hell, they even gave them similar songs, because “BOOMBAYAH” is like early 2NE1 and late-00 K-pop to a T.

The good of that is 2NE1 back in that era was still making great music, and this effort was a lot more addicting and mainstream friendly than “Whistle”. 2NE1 were also a breath of fresh air back then, and the same applies to an extent here as well. Furthermore, all the members showed out a bit in terms of execution of the vocals and the rap. While the vocals are always going to be the most impressive because there’s far more idols that can actually sing than rap, Jennie and Lisa don’t embarrass themselves on this track and it’s adequate for this type of concept.

The bad of that comparison is that “BOOMBAYAH” does sound dated because it basically is dated. Furthermore, it’s hard not to think you’ve heard this before, except a little worse because BLACKPINK doing it is like watching a slightly less charismatic 2NE1. The song itself seems to try hard to be their version of “I Am The Best“, but somebody along the way forgot to add the ingredient of an addictive hook and the instrumental falls a bit short of standards, just like a lot of things with this track. Well, at least one twist that I didn’t expect at all given their image and the type of song was the “oppa” at the end of the chorus, which definitely was a nice touch.


Again, though, despite the mixed bag of the song, BLACKPINK is impressive in motion. The music video matched the concept well and showcased not only their standout visuals, but also the fierceness and quirkiness that they’re definitely aiming for with the group.




The outfits, the attitude, and the sets are all well done and it makes it easy to buy into the group’s concept, so I ended up wanting to like them despite not really wanting to listen to the song. That counts as a job well done by the music video.


I sorta feel bad for being harsh on BLACKPINK’s debut releases, because it really isn’t about them as much as it is about Teddy and him seemingly falling behind the times a bit.

Conceptually, I think BLANKPINK are outstanding for K-pop and they have a lot of potential. They have the talent, the fierce concept revival was direly needed, and if their concepts are any indication they’re clearly heading down the right path. I just wish they were given a better tracks to work with, because “Whistle” and “BOOMBAYAH” aren’t doing it for me.



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