Kim Hyun Joong & his ex can’t prove anything, so of course the court fines her


The drama concerning Kim Hyun Joong and his ex has seemingly come to an end, as the court ruled against the ex in her lawsuit against the actor/singer/domestic abuser.

Two years ago, this all got kicked off when the ex sued Kim Hyun Joong for assault, and when the latter apologized for hitting her, the charges were dropped. Still, he went through the legal system and was only fined $5000 for his actions because he said he was practicing MMA or some lame shit. But that was only the beginning, as she later said she was pregnant with his child (true), sued him for $1.6 million on charges that mainly revolved around an alleged miscarriage suffered as a result of his abuse, and then he counter sued her for defamation.

In the end, the court rejected her claim of $1.5 million and instead awarded Kim Hyun Joong with $90,000 in compensation. Why? A lack of proof or some bullshit.

The court ruled evidence insufficient to prove the plaintiff’s (A’s) claims of a second pregnancy, miscarriage from assault, and coercion of abortion. The presiding judge stated, “Regarding the second pregnancy and question of miscarriage, while the plaintiff did visit an obstetrician to confirm pregnancy, the results could not be confirmed. Moreover, the plaintiff was asked to return to for further tests after one week, but she did not return to the facility. On May 30, a date when [A] claimed she was pregnant, it was confirmed that she had been drinking with friends. While the plaintiff is contesting the drinking, there is a testimony in the plaintiff’s complaint that confirms it.” Continuing explanation of the court’s ruling, the judge said, “The day after the first assault, the plaintiff visited an orthopedist to check for broken bones, but when asked if pregnant, denied. While the plaintiff did take a pregnancy test on her own and later told the defendant and an acquaintance that she was pregnant, that is not sufficient to prove pregnancy and miscarriage.”

“Regarding the fourth alleged pregnancy, although the plaintiff claims she received an abortion, there was nothing out of the ordinary in the ultrasound she received upon visiting an obstetrician. The abortion has been confirmed for the third pregnancy, but despite the hospital being the same, records cannot be confirmed for the period of the fourth pregnancy.”

None of that proves a pregnancy or a miscarriage or abortion, I agree, but none of that proves she was lying about it either, so what is the ruling about?

“Regarding the claim made by the defendant (Kim Hyun Joong),” the judge said, “it cannot be proved that the plaintiff threatened the defendant with taking news of her miscarriage public during settlement of the initial criminal case. However, the fact that [A] did an interview with KBS in which she gave false information with no evidence to prove her second pregnancy and miscarriage is acknowledged as a criminal act. Considering the criminal act the day before the defendant’s enlistment date, the severe defamation and damage to the defendant’s image, and severe psychological stress, the plaintiff shall give compensation in the amount of 10 million won to the defendant.”

So basically, the judge is saying nothing can be proved. However, because the ex went to the press with the charges, and because poor celebrity soldier man Kim Hyun Joong had his enlistment the next day, the domestic abuser’s feelings must be protected and thus the ex had to be punished.

His fans are celebrating this like he was cleared of everything and she masterminded some kind of conspiracy, not that he’s still an admitted domestic abuser, him and his family dragged her through the mud over the pregnancy claim, and he was only cleared because the court ruled they couldn’t tell one way or the other.

Regardless, it’s amusing that she gets fined for using the press when the only reason so many people now know that he’s a scumbag is the very fact that she fought this in the press instead of letting his people back-channel it.


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