MRJKPOP tackles the cult of MR removed morons, KPOPALYPSE cums (probably)


MRJKPOP finally released his video taking on the cult of MR removed true believers. Thank god.

KPOPALYPSE did something on why MR removed is fucking stupid like three years ago to educate annoying-ass K-pop stans. However, KPOPALYPSE can be a massive fucking asshole, which makes people not want to listen to him.

Those MR removed videos prove nothing, are a fucking useless wank for idiots, and you should always disregard anyone posting or commenting about MR removed stuff either positively or negatively as the ravings of a one-eyed lunatic. Not only does MR removed videos not tell you how good the vocals are, these videos don’t even tell you if there are live vocals!

You get the picture.

So perhaps now that MRJKPOP has made basically the same points in a nicer way and also spent way too much of his free time to actually show his work for the purpose of educating dipshits, maybe people will stop worshiping MR removed garbage.




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